Elmbrooks Customised Fruit Machine Management Software does the hard work
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Fruit (Pokie) Machine Management!
Check out our Gaming Industry Management Software for Fruit Machine (Pokie) Business Management. This Software has the ability to manage "Fruit Machine" administration involving complex multiple outcomes required by customers and organisations manging funds.

Easily calculate percentage shares or contractural obligations. Benefit from systems created in NZ but adaptable for International Markets.

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Understand the Basics of Database Software - what you need to know.
Software is now an integral part of most business systems with office, administration, financial or marketing software already widely used. See how customised software such as our Gaming Industry Management Software (GIMS) can benefit your business or organisation.
How do we integrate existing systems with GIMS?

This is what John Hockaday, Chief Finance Officer, The Southern Trust says about our Gaming [Fruit Machine - Pokie] Management Software:

Use GIMS to identify your best Machines, Games & Locations
Support for Charities
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Elmbrook helps Charitable Organisations!
Our in-house developers and designers assist charities and other worthy causes with resources using expertise available to us.
Welcome to Elmbrooks information about FoxPro Software & Other News
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Microsoft Visual FoxPro Applications!
You may have heard on the grapevine that no further releases of Visual FoxPro will be undertaken by Microsoft; however it will continue to be supported by Microsoft until 2015 and that’s a long time in IT years.
In reality we believe the ramifications of this is not all bad news. FoxPro is a very stable and robust tool. Existing users will be able to confidently continue with their systems supported by Elmbrook professionals for many years to come. This allows businesses time to plan for new technologies currently being introduced.
Use Our Experience To Migrate Your Visual FoxPro Applications to new technologies.
We have over 27 years of experience in FoxPro environments including migrating FoxPro applications to new technologies.

Check for more extensive information on our www.visualfoxprospecialists.co.nz website or Call now on 0800 496 828 to see how easy this can be for you and your business.